BAEMIN expresses gratitude to customers through the “Fat Cat for good fortune” campaign for the Year of The Cat 2023

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(Ho Chi Minh City, January 19th, 2023) In order to express gratitude during Lunar New Year, all through January 2023, BAEMIN has launched a series of initiatives to connect and give back to the users with the friendly image of Fat Cat as a centerpiece. In addition, BAEMIN also collaborated with other partners to implement meaningful programs for the community, with the goal of bringing a warm and loving Tet Holiday to all stakeholders. 


Sending gratitude to the top 100 users of 2022


In December last year, BAEMIN developed a feature called “Foodie Journal 2022” to connect with their in-app users. Through this new feature, users can find out how much they have “invested” in ordering food on BAEMIN, which dishes they have ordered most, and their favorite merchant for 2022. With positive results from loyal customers, BAEMIN launched a gratitude campaign for the top 100 customers with the highest total order value last year. These customers have received lucky, meaningful, and original gifts produced by BAEMIN and delivered by their own rider partners as a personal thank you and good luck note for 2023. 


BAEMIN giving gratitude gifts to BAEMIN's merchant partners


Handwritten wishes for customers of BAEMIN


In addition, BAEMIN also delivered hundreds of fortune cookies to random successful orders between January 17th and 19th, 2023. Each cookie consists of a different good luck wish designed by Fat Cat to bring joy and excitement to users when the Lunar New Year is closely approaching. 


BAEMIN brought a gift box "Mở quà là thấy Tết" with radiant pink color matching the cheerful New Year theme


The “Fat Cat for Good Fortune” Campaign 2023


BAEMIN is widely known through the popular image of an orange Fat Cat with a funny and lovable shape. Realizing an interesting association between the brand's signature image and the year of the cat 2023, BAEMIN launched the “Fat Cat for Good Fortune” campaign with the hope of spreading new year wishes to all users in every communication touchpoint, even from the simplest. On social media, users can easily come across witty and warm wishes such as “We wish for those who see Fat Cat that they can eat all they want without gaining weight in 2023” or “We wish for those who see Fat Cat that they can always confirm a purchase without ever having to look at the prices in 2023”. Along with those blessings, BAEMIN also launched many attractive promotional codes in the application as well as unique in-app engagements to bring interesting experiences to users at year-end parties.


BAEMIN Mèo Mập Cầu May (Lucky Fat Cat) is excited and liked by thousands of people taking pictures


Besides the wishes that were quickly spread on social media, BAEMIN also officially introduced a Good Fortune Fat Cat statue in Phu My Hung Street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City from January 17th to 25th, 2023. Here, visitors can take pictures with the Fat Cat to pray for good luck, and at the same time write their wishes for the upcoming new year on the piece of paper “We wish for those who see Fat Cat that all their wishes written on these papers will become true in 2023”. In just over 4 days of exhibition, Good Fortune Fat Cat has attracted more than thousands of people to visit and take photos with hundreds of posts and shares on social networks. BAEMIN hopes this activity will bring a positive perspective to the users so that everyone can start 2023 with the best of luck.


Hundreds of wishes have been written to Fat Cat


BAEMIN's witty blessings


Celebrating Tet Holiday with BAEMIN employees and stakeholders


Besides the effort to bring users and the community fun and engaging activities on the occasion of the new year 2023, BAEMIN also wishes to send deep gratitude to merchant partners, rider partners, and members of the BAEMIN family through meaningful and practical gifting programs. For rider partners, after a year of hard work delivering hot dishes to users, the end of the year is the time for them to sit together, tell stories and share their feelings about when they delivered happiness to every customer’s door. BAEMIN organized year-end parties for the partners in operating cities with the desire to create a strong connection in the community.


Delivering gifts to the top 100 users of BAEMIN in 2022


Furthermore, BAEMIN also produced a creative gift box “Open for Tet” with a radiant pink color suitable for the cheerful new year spirit. These special gift boxes are sent to the merchant partners who have accompanied BAEMIN in the past time with meaningful and witty wishes. BAEMIN's employees also received this unique gift box with handwritten wishes from the CEO himself sending thanks and expressing hope for unity and togetherness in 2023.


Year-end meeting of BAEMIN's rider partners


In 2023, with the new challenges posed by the industry as well as the market, the BAEMIN application will constantly offer new services and products, serving millions more users, to turn the mission of delivering happiness to users’ doorstep into reality, and to help people lead happier and more convenient lifestyles.



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