BAEMIN extends appreciation to consumers during Mid-autumn Festival 2022

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(Hanoi, 09 September 2022) On September 8, Mr. Jinwoo Song – CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam attended a seminar that announced businesses’ appreciation programs for consumers who are children and students organized by the Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade) in Hanoi. During the panel chat, Mr. Jinwoo shared BAEMIN's initiatives which is the campaign named "Full moon invites happiness" in collaboration with socio-political organizations and NGOs on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022. The seminar also featured the leader of Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority alongside representatives of leading responsible enterprises and more than 50 students of Foreign Trade University.


The campaign "Full moon invites happiness" is one of the initiatives that BAEMIN has implemented on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 with the hope of extending gratitude to users who are children and students as well as supporting the community. The campaign includes activities in partnership with the National Children’s Council, the Central Committee of Vietnam Students’ Association, Fulbright University Vietnam, the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade and the SOS Children's Village.


BAEMIN accompanied different organizations to bring a happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 to children


In order to create a healthy and helpful playground for the children, whilst taking care and supporting the disadvantaged kids in Kien Giang province, BAEMIN accompanied the National Children’s Council to present meaningful scholarships on the evening of September 7. Besides, BAEMIN also cooperates with the Central Committee of Vietnam Students’ Association to give out promotional codes with a total value of more than 10 million VND to students who are experiencing circumstances but never give up and strive for the better. Special promotional codes are also handed to new students of Fulbright University Vietnam as BAEMIN's congratulations and encouragement so they can kickstart the new journey with joy. 


This is the second year that BAEMIN application accompanied children from SOS Children's Village in Go Vap


On the evening of September 8, the representative of BAEMIN and the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade also paid a visit to present encouragement scholarships to disadvantaged children in Hoa Sen Home in Hoc Mon town and the neighborhoods. 


Sharing social responsibility is one of the goals that BAEMIN pursues when operating in Vietnam


What’s special is that 2022 marks the second year that BAEMIN has collaborated with the SOS Children's Village to organize internal painting auction programs called "Love Drawn By Moonlight". In this program, the children took turns to draw pictures unde the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival and presented the meaning behind their work. Then, the selective paintings will be put to auction so the employees can bid for fundraising purposes. At the last Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021, the program raised more than 40 million VND in cash for children in SOS Children's Village. 


BAEMIN app expressed gratitude to consumers on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 through the campaign “Full moon invites happiness”


At the seminar, Mr. Jinwoo emphasized the role of businesses in jointly protecting consumers' rights and upholding community responsibilities. “The protection of consumers’ rights as well as the care for disadvantaged groups not only bring about meaningful benefits for businesses but also promotes the sustainable development of the whole society. We are honored to accompany socio-political organizations and NGOs to put smiles on the children and students’ faces during this Mid-Autumn Festival. In the coming time, we will constantly strive to partner up with more stakeholders to unearth further meaningful programs for consumers and other disadvantaged groups.” – Mr. Jinwoo said. 


Leaders of the Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority with the representatives of businesses


Also at the seminar, the leader of the Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority highly appreciated the initiatives of enterprises and shared about the importance of protecting consumers' interests in the process of integration and economic development. 


BAEMIN application is committed to always accompanying and supporting disadvantaged groups through practical and useful initiatives.


With the mission of helping people lead happier and more convenient lifestyles, BAEMIN is committed to continuing to implement meaningful programs, strengthening impactful partnerships with diverse stakeholders to realize this mission.

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