BAEMIN introduces B2B mall providing eco-friendly packaging for merchant partners

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(Ho Chi Minh City, February 24, 2023) On February 24, 2023, BAEMIN application signed the cooperation agreement with SERVEONE Vietnam to launch B2B Mall initiative called "Bách hóa BAEMIN" with the aim to provide environmentally-friendly packaging products to merchant partners. This is part of BAEMIN’s sustainability commitment to help build awareness and establish actions for environmental protection among their stakeholders.


Remarkable growth of environmentally-friendly packaging trends


The current proposal for strengthened management of plastic waste in Vietnam has been approved by the Government in Decision 1316/QD-TTG. This sets a target to 100% use of environmentally-friendly plastic bags and packaging in department stores and supermarkets for domestic purposes to replace non-biodegradable plastic bags by 2025; assuring the collection, reuse, recycling and treatment of 85% of generated waste. To obtain this goal, in addition to the efforts of the authorities, the collaboration among the businesses and the positive response of consumers are resolute factors in order to meet the goal of green and sustainable growth of Vietnam. 


Environmentally friendly packaging products


The rise of environmentally-friendly packaging is growing and it has become the preeminent choice to help reduce single-use plastic waste, especially for business households in the food delivery industry. The global practice of "green – clean" food packaging will help reduce environmental pollution and orientate the community towards ensuring health, as well as improving the quality of the living environment. These packaging solutions include material recycling, product reuse, and compostable packaging. Being fully aware of the consequences resulting from environmental pollution, consumers are now also aiming to choose products using green, clean and safe packaging to improve life values, protect their health, family and society.



BAEMIN's and SERVEONE's CEO signed the MOU


Provide environmentally-friendly packaging solutions to merchant partners 


With the aim to promote sustainable development across the food technology ecosystem, BAEMIN has cooperated with SERVEONE Vietnam – a supplier of safe, recycled packaging solutions to introduce to merchant partners the signature product lines at preferential prices. The products are integrated into BAEMIN B2B Mall on the application with simple operation, which is convenient for merchant partners wishing to replace single-use plastic packaging. With this cooperation, BAEMIN strives to give merchant partners a better option to help them catch up with the current green lifestyle. The packaging products supplied by SERVEONE Vietnam are primarily made from bagasse and paper with all the products meeting the need for food delivery services such as trays, rice boxes, bowls, and glasses. Especially with bagasse products, this is a product line with 100% plant-based ingredients. Bagasse boxes meet the high environmentally-friendly level when they can biodegrade completely within 45 days. After decomposing into organic fertilizers, bagasse boxes can be used in cultivation, adding nutrients to plants, promoting the growth of seedlings. In addition, the product can both store food at high temperatures, grease without leaking harmful substances into the food. 


Environmentally friendly packaging products


Mr. Jinwoo Song – CEO of BAEMIN shared at the signing ceremony: "With the ambition to levitate the food ecosystem, we are constantly looking for green solutions and encouraging our merchant partners to adopt more modern, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solutions. And we are proud that the B2B Mall launch will be a great step towards our sustainability." 


BAEMIN's and SERVEONE's CEO on a discussion


In addition, Mr. Chung Jae Ho – General Director of SERVEONE Vietnam also shared: “We are delighted to cooperate with BAEMIN – a very successful and highly socially responsible food delivery business originated from Korea – to implement practical and meaningful initiatives for the merchant partner community in Vietnam. We will further develop partnerships and research to come up with more and better products to serve consumers.”


Leadership representatives from BAEMIN and SERVEONE


This cooperation between the BAEMIN application and SERVEONE Vietnam company is a long-term commitment to sustainable development and the effort to bring new solutions to the online food delivery service industry towards a "green – clean – pristine" life.


Joint efforts for environmental protection 


In addition to direct cooperation with environmentally-friendly packaging suppliers, BAEMIN emphasizes the propagation of environmental protection knowledge to colleagues in the company through internal training sessions. In response to the environmental and earth protection days, BAEMIN invited experts from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to deliver lectures close to the real-life context for BAEMIN employees. Moreover, BAEMIN also gave birth to the Green Turtle Baedale ambassador with the principle of environmental protection as the top priority. In the past year, Mr. Jinwoo Song – General Director of BAEMIN had the opportunity to share about the environmental impacts of the online food delivery industry as well as BAEMIN's initiatives in promoting the construction of an environmentally-friendly business ecosystem in the talk show organized by the government. 


Experience the product at the signing ceremony


With a commitment to long-term sustainable development, BAEMIN will continue to invest in innovating and developing its product lines and services to help people enjoy a happier and more convenient life with the BAEMIN application.




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