BAEMIN introduces new product Mama Woo

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(Ho Chi Minh City, April 11, 2023) On April 8th, the BAEMIN application introduced its new product, Mama Woo, at the Korean Cultural Festival 2023 held in Ho Chi Minh City. Mama Woo provides packaged foods, helping users access high-quality and convenient meals with a distinct taste from Korea. With this new product vertical, BAEMIN aims to provide more practical solutions to make users' lives happier and more convenient.


Growing demand for processed foods 


In recent years, Vietnamese consumer habits have been growing towards positive ways. Fast-moving consumer goods are increasingly sought after via various online and direct distribution channels. With the potential growth of the Vietnamese market, food delivery apps have become an essential part of the daily life of busy people who want to manage their time more efficiently. Along with prepared dishes from restaurants, pre-packaged food is another useful solution for quality meals, providing a quick and convenient experience while ensuring a delicious taste and nutritional content.


Mama Woo's new menu with diverse and quality dishes


Bringing Korean flavors to Vietnam


As a leading food delivery application from Korea, BAEMIN Vietnam always focuses on emotions and constantly improves the user experience. With its customer-centric strategy, BAEMIN continuously researches and provides solutions to improve the life quality of users. With the hustle and bustle of modern life accompanied by work and study pressures, consumers are increasingly interested in food solutions that are of high quality, convenient, and save their cooking time. That explains the origin of Mama Woo which is to provide more food choices for customers when preparing meals.


Mama Woo is the solution for quality, convenient, time-saving dishes


During the research and development process of Mama Woo products, the most experienced chefs from BAEMIN Kitchen at Woowa Brothers headquarters in Korea came to Vietnam to select ingredients, creating recipes, and checking on production vendors to ensure the most distinctive flavors for the products.


With less than 10 minutes in preparation, Mama Woo's products come in a variety of 28 different types of food such as spicy beef stew, pork soup, seasoned beef stir-fry, beef rib soup, and more. These dishes are categorized into different groups such as soups, stews, and meat.


Ingredients are selected and recipes are created by the professional chefs from BAEMIN Korea headquarters


Mama Woo carefully selects ingredients with food safety being a top priority. All ingredients are thoroughly cleaned before being prepared, and the food is cooked and packaged on separate production lines. Mama Woo is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of their customers as well as being environmentally friendly. This is the reason why Mama Woo's packaging is microwave-safe and can be recycled. Mama Woo does not use preservatives in their products, instead, they freeze its dishes to maintain freshness.


Users can easily make the dishes with less than 10 minutes of preparation


Mama Woo is currently available on the BAEMIN application in Ho Chi Minh City, making it easy for customers to find and order their favorite dishes. Additionally, Mama Woo is distributed to consumers through other sales channels such as E-mart, Shark Market, Market Saigon, etc.


No preservatives, Mama Woo puts food safety first


Moreover, BAEMIN has also launched Youth Market - a Korean virtual supermarket offering Korean-selection products to Vietnamese consumers. The products range from personal care, health products, to foods and beverages, butter, and milk,... all directly imported from Korea.



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