BAEMIN leads the sustainable lifestyles through clothes exchange day “Dare 2 Rewear”

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(Ho Chi Minh City, August 9, 2022) As an application striving to empower people to lead positive and sustainable lifestyles, BAEMIN Vietnam always prioritizes educational initiatives that aim to raise its employees’ awareness of environmental protection. On August 5, BAEMIN collaborated with Piktina - a secondhand  fashion application, to organize the clothes exchange day “Dare 2 Rewear". This event promoted the sustainable knowledge exchange and urged BAEMIN employees to take concrete action to protect the environment as well as to embrace a greener lifestyle.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world


According to the latest apparel market research, a consumer will discard approximately 31.75 kg of old or no-longer-used clothes on average each year. Annually, the environment also suffers from more than 500 million tons of textile waste, 84% of which is burned, resulting in 12% of greenhouse gas emissions.


"Dare 2 Rewear" initiative was implemented by BAEMIN for all employees in offices nationwide


The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil and gas. In order to make a pair of jeans, we need 7,500 liters of water. Up to 85% of textiles are disposed of by landfilling or incineration. Furthermore, every second that passes is equivalent to the amount of clothes that could be carried by a truck being burnt. The average life cycle of a fashion product is 5.4 years. If each person could prolong the use of a product for just 3 more months, they could reduce the amount of gas, water, and waste released into the environment by 5%–10%.


When sustainability starts with each choice of outfit


Understanding the impact brought about by clothes usage on the environment, BAEMIN collaborated with Piktina to implement the internal initiative - clothes exchange day named “Dare 2 Rewear". BAEMIN is also the first company to participate in this campaign which seeks to build a sustainable fashion ecosystem and promote greener lifestyles organized by Piktina.


 BAEMIN has cooperated with Piktina - a secondhand fashion buying and selling platform to implement the program “Dare 2 Rewear”


The clothes exchange day “Dare 2 Rewear” was open for all employees of BAEMIN in offices across the country. This innovative and practical initiative, with a focus on the concept of "it’s old for him but new for me", helps BAEMIN employees exchange clothes and fashion items with their colleagues to refresh their look while contributing to the reduction of fashion waste. In addition, BAEMIN employees also participated in a talk show on the topic of sustainable fashion, and listened to experts' sharing about the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, as well as other dressing tips to enhance personal beauty, to be "cool" but “green” at the same time. At the event, BAEMIN employees can also play a role in prolonging the life cycle of used products by buying their favorite secondhand items, taking photos for social media and to spread this positive spirit.


The event has the joining of CEO of BAEMIN Piktina


Mr. Jinwoo Song – CEO of BAEMIN, shared that: "In alignment with our core values, sustainable development lies at the heart of whatever BAEMIN does. We will constantly seek to provide better eco-friendly consumer solutions as well as invest in awareness-raising activities to protect the environment. After the training conducted on Earth Day in collaboration with a governmental official to promote greener lifestyles, this clothes exchange day “Dare 2 Rewear” is another testimonial that shows our serious commitment to levitating the greener lifestyles. We believe the employees also feel truly engaged and purposeful through this."


Staff at BAEMIN are very excited to attend the program


Ms. Nguyen Hoang Phuong – CEO and Founder of Piktina added: "Piktina wants to spread the message that secondhand fashion is not boring. Through our cooperation with businesses, pioneered by BAEMIN, we want consumers to learn more about sustainable fashion as well as what we can do from today to protect the environment and shape a modern, cool, clean yet green lifestyle.



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