BAEMIN officially applied hybrid working model in long-term

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(Ho Chi Minh City, March 14, 2022) To meet with the future of work, the online food delivery application BAEMIN has rolled out the hybrid working model for employees across the country, effective from March 14th 2022. At the same time, BAEMIN also introduces a number of in-office and virtual initiatives to increase employee engagement in the face of the new normal.


Hybrid working model is an emerging concept that incorporates a mixture of in-office and remote work based on mutual agreement between employees and their line managers. This model provides the employees with utmost flexibility when it comes to working hours and office settings so the employees can determine what works best for them. 


With the hope of empowering employees to define their workspace and lead more balanced and healthier lifestyles, BAEMIN has adopted the hybrid working model for its employees, allowing them to choose to work between homes and offices with adherence to the Covid-19 safety protocols. The employees can also adjust their starting time to be one hour earlier or later than before, while maintaining a similar total of working hours, to suit their personal schedule outside of work. 


This working model allows employees to start and finish work earlier or later than fixed hours to suit their individual needs.


According to Mr Jinwoo Song – CEO of BAEMIN: “The Covid-19 has shown that effective work can get done anywhere. As we look to the future, changing ourselves to fit in with our employee demands is critical. I believe that top talents get motivation when they have autonomy. With BAEMIN colleagues being able to choose where to work and when to work, this will motivate them to achieve high performance. This new policy is also in line with our BAEMIN's core value - Autonomy built on discipline.” He added: “Now a working mother can make more time for her child, a gen Z worker can balance their personal life and career, and an avid reader can simply save some time from commuting to read more books. At BAEMIN, we believe this will allow our employees to enjoy their lives to the fullest whilst staying committed to their job of making people’s lives easier by delivering what they need to lead better and more convenient lifestyles.”


Hybrid working is a combination of working in the office and working remotely, where employees can choose the location and time of work


To ensure a smooth transition to hybrid working, BAEMIN has renovated its offices over the past months. In addition to the existing office desks, BAEMIN has designed more focused working spaces, private booths as well as personal lockers, to meet different needs of employees when coming to the office. Not only has BAEMIN equipped the workplace with massage chairs, billiards tables, it also provides stay-at-home employees with a full range of necessary equipment so they can get their work done effectively.


BAEMIN has equipped massage chairs, standing desks, and more in the office to help employees relieve stress after work hours


Factoring in some potential challenges hybrid working can bring about in terms of employee engagement, we also piloted a few hybrid purpose-driven events to enhance employee’s sense of belonging” shared Jinwoo. Over the last months of 2021, BAEMIN kicked off the Mèo Mặp Creating Shared Values initiatives through collaboration with two charity organisations: Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and SOS Children's Village. The company conducted virtual and offline events to connect the employees with the children such as an online concert and auctions to raise funds. The total fundraising was valued at more than 90 million Vietnam dong. This is also one of the things that employees at BAEMIN Vietnam always take pride in when it comes to helping build a better community.


BAEMIN always pays great attention to the mental health of its employees.


Even though BAEMIN has only been present in Vietnam for more than 2 years, the employee experience lies at the heart of whatever the company does. During the 4th wave of Covid-19, everyone who needed to come to the office was given BAEMIN coupons to order lunches. Employees who are tested positive with Covid-19 will be delivered a full-on medical kit. In addition, BAEMIN doesn’t forget to appreciate employees’ families through flower gifting for employees’ parents on the promotion occasion or luxury retreat vouchers so that employees can enjoy wonderful moments with their loved ones.


In the coming time, BAEMIN Vietnam will continue to unearth further initiatives to enhance their employees’ well being and satisfaction. So that together we can bring more value to our customers and the community.



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