BAEMIN officially launches new owned beauty brand

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(Ho Chi Minh City, April 21, 2023) On April 21st, BAEMIN officially launched its first beauty brand, Lazy Bee, aiming to provide the optimal beauty solutions in quality, safety and convenience for customers. The launching of Lazy Bee is the next step of BAEMIN's mission ‘Delivering Everyday Happiness to Your Door’. After nearly two years of research and development, Lazy Bee is now available on the BAEMIN application in Ho Chi Minh City, with plans to expand to other provinces and cities in the upcoming months.


BAEMIN officially launches the new owned beaty brand


The story of finding Lazy Bee 


Since its first arrival in Vietnam in 2019, BAEMIN has always aimed to become a leading lifestyle platform with a mission to deliver everyday happiness to your door. To fulfill this mission, BAEMIN continuously listens and understands its users' demands in order to provide solutions that make their lives happier and more convenient. Besides food delivery demand, the beauty and healthcare industries are among those most popular sectors capturing youths’ attention and investment, especially BAEMIN users. With the advantage from its parent company as one of the largest technology companies in South Korea, BAEMIN has a diverse and extensive network of professional expert partners with profound experience in the beauty and healthcare sectors. Thanks to that, Lazy Bee is brought to life with a mission to provide the optimal skincare solutions for users, which emphasizes the safety, quality, and convenience.


Lazy Bee will focus on the users' experience and connection


"We had nurtured the idea of launching Lazy Bee since 2021, and moved a bit forward with slow but firm steps. To bring the most quality and suitable products, Lazy Bee has conducted many customer survey researches and analyzed the market carefully before developing the product line. Through this research and development process, we finally introduced a high-quality beauty brand that emphasizes convenience based on the deep understanding of the Vietnamese skin characteristics and their skincare routines." said Mr. Jinwoo Song, CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam.


BAEMIN's CEO sharing about the journey of founding and establishing the brand Lazy Bee


Embracing your busy life from the most minimal skincare effort  


As the name itself, Lazy Bee represents the very much needed leisure of those busy youngsters who are always on the go and strive for their lives. With its special products, Lazy Bee hopes that the users can reward themselves with moments of joyful skincare, regardless of the hectic life. Lazy Bee is a beauty brand for Vietnamese people that is researched, developed, and produced in South Korea, applying advanced technologies and international standard testing procedures.


The products introduced in the first launch of the Lazy Bee brand are aimed at the essential needs and convenience of use


In this launching event, Lazy Bee introduced two main product lines: skincare and makeup. The skincare line includes a facial mist, toner pad, face masks (with 4 options), and the makeup line includes cushion (with 2 shades) and lipstick (with 3 color options). All of the Lazy Bee’s products aim to meet essential needs and provide convenience for its users. Toner pads and cushions, beauty products originated in Korea, are known as the most convenient and innovative products in the world. In the daily makeup routine, lipstick is the most effective ‘tool’ for an instant refreshing look. For basic skin care, facial mist and face masks are considered as those must-have items.


Lazy Bee symbolizes the relaxation needed by young people who are always busy, hectic, and constantly finding a happy lifestyle


The brand highlights three core elements: the positive experience through packaging and customer experience, the convenience via the multi-function and design of each product, and the Korean-standard quality with ingredients from nature and strict production processes in accordance with global GMP standards. Lazy Bee will continue to research and introduce new product lines, focusing on the three main factors to provide users with convenient, breakthrough, and high-quality beauty solutions.


Lazy Bee introduces to users 2 main product lines of skincare and makeup


Following the green path of BAEMIN, Lazy Bee's products do not test on animals. Moreover, Lazy Bee also uses ingredients mainly sourced from nature, ensuring safety for the skin and not harming the environment. All components of the product line comply with the regulations of the Vietnamese and Korean governments on safety and quality standards of the beauty industry.


Potential growth of Korean beauty brands within Vietnam


Korea is one of the pioneering beauty industries in the world, and it also deeply influences Vietnamese customers. As can be seen, the beauty sector in Vietnam is growing rapidly with increasing purchasing power. The total value of the beauty industry in Vietnam is currently around 2.63 billion dollars and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.32% annually until 2027.


Lazy Bee's products are researched, developed and manufactured in Korea


As the market shows a strong potential growth with high competition among beauty brands in the same segment, Lazy Bee is focusing on customer experience and route-to-market strategy. In the first one to two months after launching, Lazy Bee will only be sold through the BAEMIN application to initially create brand recognition among existing users. Simultaneously, the brand will improve its operation and distribution mechanisms to ensure the best customer experience. In the following months, Lazy Bee will expand its distribution channels and target other cities such as Hanoi or Danang.


Lazy Bee store is available on BAEMIN app, being a brand that promotes convenience and positive spirit lifestyle


BAEMIN provides full information about the product, from the ingredients, components, instructions, to the illustrated images to help users understand the origin and quality of the product. In the near future, Lazy Bee will apply interactive activities on the app, using filtering technology so that users can test lipstick colors and try products online. In addition, Lazy Bee plans to host connecting days for loyal customers to create a sense of belonging and spread positive vibes.




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