BAEMIN pilots electric motorcycle for rider partners

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(Ho Chi Minh City, April 26, 2023) On April 25, 2023, BAEMIN signed a partnership agreement with SELEX MOTORS to pilot electric motorcycles for BAEMIN's riders. The program aims to gather feedback and evaluations from riders when using electric motorcycles, so that BAEMIN can propose policies to help riders save delivery costs.


BAEMIN and SELEX's leaders and staff


Vietnam’s electric vehicle market shows a potential growth 


According to the International Trade Administration (ITA - under the US Department of Commerce), the electric vehicle industry in Vietnam is still in its initial stage but has significant growth potential. Moreover, Vietnam is the world's fourth-largest motorcycle market and has great potential in transiting to electric motorcycles. In particular, Vietnam has a young and growing population who are interested in advanced technologies, fuel savings, and environmental awareness. - a trusted motorcycle review website in the world - reported on the growth rate of electric motorcycle sales in Vietnam in 2021, which is 10%, triple the figure of 2018 (2.9%), indicating a rapid growth trend despite the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


BAEMIN and SELEX's CEO directly experienced the electric motorbikes for transportation services


Furthermore, Vietnam has also been evaluated as a potential market in the online food delivery industry in recent years. According to a report on the food delivery industry in the leading markets in the Southeast Asia by Momentum Works, the total spending on food delivery services in 2022 in this region amounts to $16.3 billion, an increase of 5% after two years of explosive growth due to Covid-19, in which Vietnam contributes significantly to this growth. This partnership between BAEMIN and SELEX MOTORS is a combination of two extremely promising fields, bringing sustainable values to the community.


Promoting green transportation


Through this collaboration with SELEX, BAEMIN aims to support riders in switching from traditional gasoline vehicles to electric motorcycles, contributing to cost savings in the delivery process. The use of electric motorcycles optimizes operating costs through battery replacement mechanisms and provides a quiet and smoke-free experience that improves the driving service. In the trial phase, BAEMIN riders will experience delivery using SELEX's electric motorcycles and provide feedback on the use of the vehicles. Then, the BAEMIN team will propose appropriate collaboration policies and provide compatible rider support programs. Through this event, riders with good delivery records for BAEMIN will receive electric motorcycles directly from the SELEX team, who will instruct them on how to use the motorcycles and exchange batteries at charging stations via the mobile phone app.


SELEX's CEO directly introduced to BAEMIN about Lithium-ion batteries


The workshop for preparation, guidance, and training drivers in the transportation services with the electric vehicle use


SELEX MOTORS is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer that BEAMIN has chosen to cooperate with in promoting green delivery vehicles in Vietnam. With an optimized ecosystem for delivery, SELEX MOTORS has provided breakthrough solutions in energy charging, helping users save 40% operating costs and improve delivery performance through specialized design and IOT technology integrated into the mobile application. BEAMIN riders can directly exchange batteries at battery exchange stations in less than 2 minutes, instead of charging traditionally. Currently, the SELEX battery exchange system has more than 30 locations in Hanoi and more than 20 locations in Ho Chi Minh City, serving the best for delivery operations that require continuous traffic on the road. SELEX provides the only commercial electric vehicles in Southeast Asia with outstanding carrying capacity, 50% higher in weight and volume than other models, with only half the maintenance costs of gasoline-powered vehicles. SELEX MOTORS CEO Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen said, "SELEX pursues the mission of promoting green logistics, protecting the environment and helping riders increase income by reducing energy and maintenance costs compared to gasoline vehicles. SELEX expects to cover every delivery route in Vietnam in the near future, bringing optimal and sustainable vehicles to riders."  


Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen spoke about the potential of electric motorbikes to BAEMIN and riders


Together heading to sustainable development


It can be seen that the common ground between the two sides is their commitment and actions towards the environment. Mr. Jinwoo Song, CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam, shared: "The collaboration with SELEX is our next step in the journey towards sustainable development. Previously, in March of this year, we reached a cooperation agreement with ServeOne to launch "BAEMIN Grocery" with the desire to provide environmentally friendly packaging products to restaurant partners at reasonable prices. Currently, BAEMIN is the top-ranked app in terms of customer satisfaction and is present in 21 provinces and cities serving a large number of users. Positioning itself as a lifestyle platform, combined with acquiring millions of app users, BAEMIN takes on the role and responsibility in the goal of promoting the habit of using green transportation and forming a green lifestyle for millions of Vietnamese. This collaboration also demonstrates the contribution of both parties in implementing the government's policy towards the net-zero emissions goal by 2050."


Mr. Jinwoo Song shared his hope to make a green contribution to transportation services and the community


BAEMIN's riders test-drove the electric motorbikes for the first time


In the upcoming time, BAEMIN will keep collaborating with partners to apply modern technology, in order to provide more sustainable and effective solutions for its partners and users.



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