BAEMIN Studio launched Cheesy Collection on BAEMIN application

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(Ho Chi Minh City, July 25, 2023) With the mission of “Delivering everyday happiness to your door”, BAEMIN Studio officially launched the Cheesy Collection in July 2023 on the BAEMIN application. This collection includes phone cases and stickers with a variety of designs and styles. BAEMIN Studio is an online store within the BAEMIN application, producing practical and creative items embodying the BAEMIN spirit.


BAEMIN Studio and the Cheesy Collection - when objects tell their own story


With the increasing demand for consumer goods, it is not difficult for us to find and purchase any consumer product to our liking. However, owning a unique, creative, personalized item is not simple. With the desire to create products that are closely associated with familiar and meaningful stories, BAEMIN Studio brings the objects around us to life through the telling content of each word and design image on each item.


The Cheesy Collection encourages users to show the unique personality and not to frame the emotions


Since its arrival in Vietnam, BAEMIN has always nurtured many initiatives to improve the user experience, among which BAEMIN Studio stands out. This is an online store within the app, specializing in selling convenient and familiar items, coupled with a unique, youthful, and creative character. The brand constantly explores the preferences and habits of users to introduce new products that are closely associated with everyday stories, weaving a bit of humor and cuteness but still incorporating deep meaning layers. Among them, the Cheesy Collection, officially launched in July, is this brand's creative and outstanding highlight.


The phone cases were produced with the flexible and glass plastics, suitable with the current trend of Iphone


The Cheesy Collection includes phone cases, considered one of the most popular and beloved office stationery, that easily express users' personalities, preferences, and characters. With the image of Mèo Mập (Fat Cat) - a familiar character of BAEMIN - appearing in a very creative way, along with design elements related to cheese in various contexts and timeframes, BAEMIN Studio hopes this collection will bring joyful experiences to users. The phone cases in this collection are made of flexible and shock-absorbing material, suitable for popular iPhone models.


BAEMIN Studio products are inspired by common and daily pictures and words in life


"When it comes to BAEMIN Studio, we hope that users will think of witty and fun items whose designs are youthful, unique, and full of BAEMIN colors. Therefore, each product of BAEMIN Studio is associated with everyday images accompanied by intimate stories. With the newly launched Cheesy Collection, BAEMIN helps users express their personality with creative designs, diverse colors, and humorous product messages. The spirit of this collection aims to bring users comfort in expressing their true selves without limiting their emotions. "Cheese" is a food ingredient with many characteristic flavors - an extremely popular and beloved ingredient, while Cheesy means "sentimental", comfortable in expressing emotions, and freely adding flavor to daily life" shared by Mr. Jinwoo Song - CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam.


Wittiness and creativity in words combined with aesthetic design


Wittiness and creativity in words combined with aesthetic design


For other products currently available at BAEMIN Studio, BAEMIN's creative team uses short, familiar, witty, and unexpected words to express the characteristics of each item. The dominant black and white color tone with BAEMIN's own font follows the brand's standard design guidelines to create consistency and differentiation. For example, the "Trái-Phải" (Left-right) socks refer to an obvious truth but easily make users laugh because of their interesting reminder. Or maybe the rain makes users feel inconvenient, but the "Mưa cứ rơi đi!" (Rain keeps falling) raincoat may highlight its cuteness while travelling under the rain. With the pun-filled pajamas, users can play a game of finding the names of various foods on the very clothes they are wearing on sleepless nights. Or the "Túi Ba Gang" (Three-foot) tote bag is associated with the familiar Vietnamese childhood legend of the Starfruit tree, designed in a minimalist yet eye-catching style.


“Left-Right” pair of socks with simplicity and usefulness in daily life


To launch a product, BAEMIN Studio has run tests for months to evaluate the convenience and suitability of the product for users. For example, with the "Đẹp Trai/ Đẹp Gái" (Handsome/ Pretty) face masks, BAEMIN Studio members tested for more than two months to evaluate the softness and fabric material to see if they satisfied users.


Product quality is one of the focuses of BAEMIN Studio


Not merely selling items, BAEMIN Studio brings joy and new colors to users' daily lives through its social media channels.


The pijamas with the function of interactive enjoying games before bed


In the near future, BAEMIN Studio will continuously launch many interesting and familiar product lines to users with new words, designs, and even more unique creative and aesthetic inspirations. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi users can order these products directly in the "Studio" section of the BAEMIN app. At the same time, BAEMIN Studio will soon be present in all provinces and cities where the BAEMIN app is operating.


Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi users can now purchase BAEMIN Studio on BAEMIN application



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