BAEMIN Vietnam and SHINHAN Bank launch co-branded credit card “Gourmet member”

Press Release

(Ho Chi Minh City, November 22, 2022) With the goal of constantly improving user experience, BAEMIN Vietnam application has officially partnered with Shinhan Bank to launch a co-branded credit card named "Gourmet Member" with a credit limit of up to 100 million VND. In addition, cardholders will receive attractive BAEMIN gift packages valued up to 6,900,000 VND. Information about the co-branded card was shared during the launch held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 22 participated by CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam, together with General Director, and Deputy General Directors of Shinhan Bank.


Mr. Kang Gew Won and Mr. Jinwoo Song took a photo with the co-branded card product BAEMIN - Shinhan


Alongside the significant rise of the market economy, the burst in the use of mobile devices and the Internet, as well as the increasing trend of different payment methods in Vietnam, cashless payment is becoming prevalent and receives great attention from businesses across sectors. Such transactions can be done in seconds with just a few simple steps. In addition, these transactions can be made secure, which helps eliminate various major risks compared to other usual transactions.


Observing the changing financial needs of users to keep pace with the trend, BAEMIN application has partnered with Shinhan Bank to develop and launch the co-branded credit card "Gourmet Member". Accordingly, BAEMIN - Shinhan credit card users will receive unique benefits from two BAEMIN gift packages, including Gourmet Member Welcome Package worth up to 900,000 VND and Gourmet Member Special Package worth up to VND 6,000,000.


Shinhan Bank is one of our responsible and reliable partners with outstanding achievements in the field of finance and banking.


With Gourmet Member Welcome Package, cardholders will get 30 BAEMIN discount coupons for 30,000 VND. The discount code is available within 6 months from the date of receipt and is applied to the order value of 30,000 VND or more (excluding delivery fee).


With the Gourmet Membership Special Package, cardholders will receive 25% discount coupons, up to 50,000 VND per order, and up to 120 orders each year, equivalent to a total gift package valued up to 6,000,000 VND. The discount coupon is valid for use during each month and is available for all orders. Each member can use up to 10 coupons per month.


To open a BAEMIN - Shinhan credit card, customers can quickly register on SOL app of Shinhan Bank, free of charge or go directly to the nearest branch or transaction office of Shinhan Bank for detailed instructions. 


BAEMIN Vietnam and Shinhan Bank launch co-branded card “Gourmet Membership”


In addition to the attractive privileges from two BAEMIN gift packages, similar to other credit card lines of Shinhan Bank, BAEMIN - Shinhan credit cardholders also enjoy the convenience of accumulating 0.3% Shinhan bonus points for valid spending at any available affiliates other than BAEMIN app, with the conversion rate of 1 point = 1 Vietnam Dong. 


At the same time, BAEMIN - Shinhan credit cardholders can manage their finances flexibly with an 18-month instalment plan with a preferential interest rate at any favourite brand for transactions of 3,000. 000 VND or more, with free conversion. Plus, cardholders will receive discounts of up to 50% at more than 200 partners at Shinhan Zone in various fields: food, travel, beauty, and health care...


Mr. Song Jinwoo - BAEMIN Vietnam's CEO emphasized the importance of the meaningful partnerships and the role of BAEMIN in providing users with superior and unique experiences.


Sharing about the BAEMIN - Shinhan credit card line, Mr Jinwoo Song - General Director of BAEMIN Vietnam said: "With our customer-centric culture, we have been constantly making efforts to build meaningful partnerships, taking advantage of modern financial technology to give users more choices in payment and personal financial management. The co-branded credit card “Gourmet Member” with Shinhan is just the beginning of BAEMIN's long road of leveraging user experience. Shinhan Bank is one of our responsible, reliable partners with outstanding achievements in the field. Therefore, I really hope that BAEMIN - Shinhan credit card will bring customers of both parties unique and preeminent experiences. In the future, BAEMIN will continue to expand its sustainable partnerships to help people lead happier and more convenient lives.”


With a commitment to sustainable development, BAEMIN promises to continue to launch new products and services to serve more customers and stakeholders in the coming time





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