BAEMIN Vietnam named in the top 5 e-commerce market leaders in 2022

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(Ho Chi Minh City, 28th September, 2022) After just 3 years of operation in Vietnam, BAEMIN has recently been recognized by the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade as one of the top 5 leading enterprises providing e-commerce services in the market. BAEMIN is also the youngest company to be named. With the mission to help people lead happier and more convenient lifestyles, BAEMIN has been implementing user-centric initiatives, accompanying stakeholders for future sustainable development.


Vietnam E-commerce White Book 2022 is a publication developed by the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade with the purpose of providing a comprehensive outlook of the e-commerce applications under the impact of the pandemic, in the context of the global e-commerce landscape in 2022. The content of the White Book is formed from the results of a survey of nearly 5,000 consumers and about 10,000 businesses, along with aggregate data from prestigious organizations worldwide.


BAEMIN conquers users with witty and creative promotional strategies


The Vietnam E-commerce White Book 2022 has highlighted 10 leading companies providing e-commerce services in the market. These businesses were also reported to account for 95% of the revenue share of websites/apps providing e-commerce services. BAEMIN Vietnam is the youngest business on the list.


BAEMIN application is the youngest enterprise to appear in the list of top 10 market leading enterprises providing e-commerce services.


Empathizing with users through wit and creativity. 


Entering the Vietnamese market in May 2019, BAEMIN has constantly evolved its products and expanded services to improve and optimize its users as well as partners’ experience. In 2020 and 2021, BAEMIN has ranked first in terms of customer satisfaction (according to a market survey conducted by Q&Me). In addition, BAEMIN is also the leading food delivery application in Vietnam in terms of geographical coverage, providing services across 21 provinces.


Interactive activities in BAEMIN's innovative app


Within just a short period of time, the delivery application that conquers Korea has quickly won the hearts of Vietnamese users through its unique strategies, creative promotional campaigns, and utmost care for service quality. In hope of inspiring a positive and modern lifestyle, BAEMIN has introduced its own distinctive brand identity including unique images, colors, fonts as well as interactive and engaging activities that can easily resonate with users.


Improve user experience by courtesy of interactive content


Besides investing in the development of features that make the users’ experience with food delivery easy and convenient, BAEMIN concentrates on creating a storehouse of rich and diverse food content as well as in-app engagement activities. 


Dining Table Magazine is one of the first products in the series of creative content that BAEMIN has recently deployed


One of the latest products in the creative content series that BAEMIN recently launched is Bàn Ăn Magazine (Dining Table). Not only does this help users order meals suiting their needs, it also enables users to discover exceptional restaurants, to better understand the background of distinctive dishes, and to get food recommendations depending on their mood, the weather, special occasions, ... A few publications include the food collection "Cuối tháng, ăn gì ngoài mỳ gói" – a compilation of great restaurants at affordable prices, "Món lạnh cho ngày nóng" – a list of dishes that help ease the heat of the summer days, or "Đập hộp: Bánh canh có bao nhiêu loại?", which reveals various types of bánh canh (rice noodles) and explains their origins alongside other interesting eating trends. 


Finding Fat Cat (the activity calling for players to find Fat Cat in the Mid-Autumn Festival picture) is an interactive activity installed right in the app. This is also a monthly initiative that BAEMIN deployed to attract and retain users


Furthermore, in-app engagement activities are also one of the initiatives that BAEMIN implements monthly, with the purpose of attracting as well as retaining users. These activities are designed as an event corner that includes mini games with varying themes based on each month’s highlights. With these innovative and unique ways of interaction, the number of users participating in the events has steadily increased over time. Some of the most well-received events that BAEMIN has implemented are: “Giật cô hồn” (an activity that welcomes users to come in the app and “snatch” some discount codes), “Bé Mưa” (an activity that helps users create some personalized stories, express their moods and feelings during rainy days), or most recently, “Đi tìm Mèo Mập” (an activity that calls for users to find  the Fat Cat in a picture, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival).


Accompanying stakeholders in the pursuit of sustainable development


In addition to concentrating on product development and operations optimization, BAEMIN strives to become a sustainable and socially responsible business. From the beginning of its operations in Vietnam to date, BAEMIN has consistently incorporated the idea of sustainability into both its overall strategy and all of its business daily endeavors. Simultaneously, the app has also been involved in environmental protection as well as the health and well-being of employees and its stakeholders. 


BAEMIN leaders bond with the riders and their family


As the latest gesture to appreciate its rider-partners’ hard work and commitment, BAEMIN has just rolled out the rider tip function, enabling riders to earn more. BAEMIN users can now recognize its riders' great service and show their thank-yous by tipping them through the BAEMIN app after they've completed their delivery. BAEMIN also engaged its leadership with the rider-partners’ families on important occasions such as the recent Mid-Autumn festival.


The BAEMIN application also officially introduces a new feature “rider tip” to support rider partners to increase their income.


In September, BAEMIN collaborated with a number of socio-political organizations, and non-governmental organizations to launch the "Trăng tròn đón niềm vui" campaign. By launching this campaign in the Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, BAEMIN extended its appreciation towards users who are children and students whilst lending a helping hand to those vulnerable members of the society.




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