CEO BAEMIN: Women is inspiration for our operation strategy in Vietnam

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(Ho Chi Minh City, October 19, 2022) On October 13, Mr. Jinwoo Song – CEO of BAEMIN Vietnam application attended the seminar “Accompanying the female consumers'' hosted by Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade) in Ho Chi Minh City. At the event, Mr. Jinwoo gave his voice to the importance of customers, especially women, to the development of BAEMIN’s strategy and operation. He also shared the initiatives that BAEMIN is implementing to extend the gratitude to female customers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20). The seminar was chaired by the Deputy Director of Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority and joined by the Chairman of HCMC Association of Consumer Protection, alongside representatives of leading businesses across industries and other distinguished guests.


CEO of BAEMIN and Deputy Director of the Vietnam Competition and Customer Authority (MIT)


The role of women in promoting sustainable consumption


Over the years, women have made great contributions to the cause of revolution, innovation, integration and development of the country. More and more examples of outstanding, exemplary women of businesses, start-ups, etc., with sustainable development were presented at the event.


For instance, the story of women in Con Son initiating community tourism, women starting business with the model of harvesting pineapple leaves to create biodegradable fabrics and specialising in the fashion industry which is one of the most favoured exporting products over to Europe; or food businesses that use banana, lotus leaves over plastic bags, and grass and bamboo straws over plastic straws.


With an ever-increasing role in the matter of decision making, women have become the indispensable element of the economic sustainable development.


When female customers are the "Muses” of BAEMIN


At BAEMIN, women make up for 70% of our total app users. Therefore, they are the target customers, the strategic segment who influence everything we do, and also become our endless inspiration for BAEMIN's messages and communication campaigns.


Putting ourselves into the shoes of female users, listening sincerely to their thoughts and aspirations, BAEMIN used to launch the campaign "Thử chút healthy" (Try a little healthy) with the craving to introduce a collection of healthy dishes, which not only helps our users to eat well, eat clean but also prompts them to live healthily, look after their skin and keep fit.


Understanding our female customers’ subtle attention to every step throughout the delivery process after making an order, BAEMIN has continuously implemented skills and professional behaviours training workshops for our rider partners to turn them into the most delicate and well-mannered delivery workforce. That's why BAEMIN's rider team is always of the favourite in sense of service quality and customer satisfaction.


Mr. Jinwoo shared about the importance of customers, typically female customers, to the strategic development and operation of BAEMIN.


Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Jinwoo emphasised the role of female customers in the development of BAEMIN. “Women have always been known as the inspiration of happiness, this is factual as women are always the ones to make wise decisions from small things like making meals, choosing daily clothes in the family to many other greater things. And thanks to women's care and nurturing for their families, they have gradually become the critical and target customers of many businesses, including BAEMIN. Without the companionship of female customers, BAEMIN would not be where it is today, and I am truly grateful for that.”


Always focusing on women in our strategic activities, we recently launched MamaWoo (home-meal-replacement products) to meet user’s emerging demands. With this product line, you can worry less about making a meal every day before or after work, everything will be prepared and packaged and all it takes is a quick heat-up and enjoy. The recipes are developed by the culinary experts and professional chefs from BAEMIN with carefully selected fresh ingredients following strict standards of food safety and hygiene. Through this product, we hope to become a companion and help women ease off the burden of making daily meals, helping them lead a more convenient life and have more time to take better care of themselves.” – Mr. Jinwoo added.


Honouring female customers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day


On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20), BAEMIN has launched an interactive in-app activity called "Nàng Thơ" (personalised poetry giving activity for female users). "Nàng Thơ" is one of BAEMIN’s monthly series of interactive in-app with a variety of themed games based on each month’s highlights to attract and retain app users. Some of the recent events that have been successfully implemented are “Giật cô hồn” (an activity that welcomes users to come in the app and “snatch” discount codes), “Đi tìm Mèo Mập” (an activity that calls for users to find the Fat Cat in a picture, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival).


Women are always an endless inspiration for BAEMIN


In addition, BAEMIN has implemented the program "Tôn vinh phụ nữ Việt” (Honouring Vietnamese women), in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh Women's Union and other organisations to send discount codes to female consumers as a thank you for the tireless contributions and dedication on this special occasion.


On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20), BAEMIN has implemented an interactive activity right in the application called "Nang Tho" (personalized poetry gifting activity for female users).


With the trust and companionship of female customers, BAEMIN commits to always listening to the aspirations of this customer base and continuing to research and expand its products and services to meet the needs of women. In addition, the application will also strengthen meaningful partnerships with its stakeholders to implement more impactful programs, contributing to taking care of the spiritual life of female customers and helping them lead happier lives.



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