Chairman of BAEMIN VIetnam donated VND 20 billion to support Covid-19 prevention and control in Vietnam

Press Release

Ho Chi Minh City, 16 August 2021 – In response to the call of the Vietnamese Government, Mr. Kim Bongjin – Founder and Chairman of Woowa Brothers (the multinational corporation who owns BAEMIN food delivery app in Vietnam) has contributed VND 20 billion to the Vietnam’s COVID-19 Vaccine Fund through Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City. 


With the desire to provide support to the Government and BAEMIN's partners in Vietnam, Mr. Kim Bongjin donated VND 20 billion to the Vietnam’s COVID-19 Vaccine Fund and other prevention and control activities. The donation has been transferred to Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City through World Vision – a leading international humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation.


Mr. Kim Bongjin shared: “I am honored to make a humble contribution to the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccine Fund and other prevention and control initiatives in Vietnam. Vietnam is the country that has always been in my heart because of the resilience, kindness, and solidarity of its local people. Although the current situation has posed some significant challenges, I believe that we will soon overcome this difficult period with unity and strength.”


Mr. Kim Bongjin is the founder and chairman of Woowa Brothers, the company that operates BAEMIN Vietnam


Additionally, in response to the call of the local authority, BAEMIN’s employees also raised a total of VND 100 million and donated to the Vietnam COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, through the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City, with high hopes that the pandemic will soon be under control.


Given the complex escalation of the pandemic, BAEMIN’s services of food and essential goods delivery have become an important and indispensable need of the local people. BAEMIN is working relentlessly with local authorities to maintain the delivery operation progress in hope of ensuring business continuity as well as serving customers safely and timely.


“At BAEMIN, social responsibility is always at the heart of our business. I and BAEMIN Vietnam commit to working closely with the Government to support our partners, our customers, as well as the entire community to bring about a better future of positivity and brightness”, said Mr. Kim Bongjin. 


Along with sustainable business operations, social responsibility has always been one of the top priorities for BAEMIN


Mr. Kim Bongjin is a Korean entrepreneur who founded Woowa Brothers - the owner of BAEMIN application in Vietnam. Throughout his career, Mr. Bongjin has contributed more than KRW 28.37 billion to charity activities. In February 2021, Mr. Bongjin and his wife Ms. Bomi Sul became the first Koreans to sign the Giving Pledge, pledging to donate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes. As his contribution to the national economy and the start-up ecosystem were highly recognised, Mr. Bongjin has been awarded twice by the South Korean Presidents (in 2014 and 2017) and won numerous other accolades.


In 2010, he founded Woowa Brothers – the Korea's leading operator of online food delivery service and one of Asia's leading "unicorns". In early 2021, Woowa Brothers joined forces and became a member of Delivery Hero from Germany – the world’s leading food technology group which is currently operating in more than 50 countries.


BAEMIN quickly gained the affection of Vietnamese users through creative advertising programs


BAEMIN was introduced by Woowa Brothers to Vietnamese users in May 2019. During only 2 years of operation, the food delivery app that dominates Korea's market has quickly conquered the hearts of local users with unique strategies, innovative marketing programs, and attentive focus on service quality. All of these have made BAEMIN become the leading application in terms of customer satisfaction, according to the latest research results of Q&Me in December 2020. BAEMIN has been present in 8 major cities across the country, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Hai Phong and Ha Long. 



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