Merchant Partnership - a Key to Sustainable Development

Press Release

When pursuing economic growth, the sustainable development strategy compels businesses to strike a balance between economic, social, and environmental factors. “Sustainable development” is one of BAEMIN's core focuses to grow business in the long-term.


At BAEMIN, sustainability comes from not only how we treat the environment or operate our businesses but also our partnerships with the merchant partners and deliver our goods and services to consumers.



BAEMIN’s Initiatives towards Sustainable Partnerships with Merchants


To establish sustainable development through partnerships with local merchants, BAEMIN’s approaches are to focus on supporting merchants towards sustainability, to pay attention to building an integrated community between BAEMIn and merchants, and improve their capabilities to earn extra profit. 


Some initiatives of BAEMIN to the merchant community include:


  1. BAEMIN Academy


BAEMIN Academy is an education platform in both online and offline channels to support and provide new knowledge and skills needed to run a smooth and effective business model for merchants. 


One of BAEMIN Academy’s initiatives is “Bếp Biết Tuốt” ( Kitchen Know-it-all) - the latest project in a livestream platform in social media to actively listen and directly answer questions from merchants transparently.



  1. BAEMIN Merchant Gathering


BAEMIN Merchant Gathering is an opportunity for merchant partners to have an engagement gathering periodically in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to come together and share knowledge, discuss all their operation stories, and connect and bond with BAEMIN and one another. 



  1. B2B Mall


B2B Mall is an MOU partnership between BAEMIN and Serveone - a Korean leading purchasing solution expert in the domestic market, to provide merchants with eco-friendly packaging. 



  1. Customer Service


Customer Service in BAEMIN for merchants is always of great care and importance. Especially, our key merchant partners will always be able to have one BAEMIN sales PIC to take care of and support on-site for sales operations.



  1. BAEMIN Bridging Merchants to Non-merchant Partners


From merchants to non-merchant partners, BAEMIN supports closely in bridging and enhancing partnerships to bring more orders generated to merchants. They are the payment platforms from banks that can offer consumers more accessibility to use apps and trigger ordering. One of them is our close partnership with Shinhan Bank which with Shinhan cards can bring more promotion offers to consumers when ordering in BAEMIN.



BAEMIN’s Thought Leadership in Sustainability with Merchants


More than anyone, BAEMIN’s leaders do greatly care and inspire BAEMINists in sustainable development regarding long-term partnerships with merchants. A great example is when Mr. Jinwoo Song - BAEMIN’s CEO, joined a panel and made a speech in Vietnam Food and Beverage Conference 2023 by Vietcetera and Mastercard to spread awareness and inspiration regarding the importance of sustainability in merchant partnerships.


 “At BAEMIN, we are always looking for opportunities and initiatives to connect stakeholders within our operating ecosystem, helping them understand each other better and thus forming closer relationships. In the future, BAEMIN will continue to leverage its strengths to offer more unique products and services, helping everyone lead happier and more convenient lifestyles every day” - said Mr. Jinwoo Song, BAEMIN’s CEO, in the Conference.



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