Our services

We commit to help our customers lead better and more convenient lives

Beyond food delivery, we take pride in our verticals, such as BAEMIN Mart (Đi Chợ), BAEMIN Studio, Mama Woo or Lazy Bee, as we move forward to create and nurture a well-rounded ecosystem. As customer experiences remain key in our strategy, BAEMIN will listen to their needs and come up with innovative ideas to better serve them and help our customers lead better and more convenient lives.

BAEMIN mobilizes our riders around the city food hubs and incentives them for rush hours - short distance orders to ensure that we can offer the quickest delivery service for routine fulfillment. On top of that, our strong partnership with the top chain merchants helps us shorten the time needed for food preparation and lower the price for our customers. BAEMIN is famous for our diverse range of cuisines, and beyond that for our capability to bring happiness into customer journeys by interactive features such as Event Area (Khu Sự Kiện), Food Blog (Blog Bàn Ăn), Signature Collections (Bộ Sưu Tập Signature) in our app.

Recognizing the significance of grocery delivery services in today's digital age, particularly during a prolonged pandemic period when customers' shopping habits are changing as they prefer convenient, quick, time-saving, and safe services, BAEMIN Mart was launched. The service was introduced to local users in 2020 in 3 major cities. BAEMIN Mart is a feature that helps customers go to the market with BAEMIN, making it easy for customers to choose fresh foods right at home.

Youth Market - a popular Korean supermarket in Vietnam, is now available on BAEMIN. Youth Market offers consumers trendy and exclusive products in various categories: personal care and health, functional foods, food and beverages, processed foods, butter, milk, ...

BAEMIN Studio is a unique online hub featuring BAEMIN aesthetic stationery. At BAEMIN Studio, we understand the power of a well-designed and high-quality product to bring happiness and satisfaction to your daily routine. Don’t settle for anything less, experience the joy of a BAEMIN Studio product today, you can learn for yourself what Baemin-ness is all about.

As part of BAEMIN’s long-term commitment to expanding the product portfolio in order to meet the diverse needs of local users, Mama Woo - BAEMIN’s first-ever home-meal replacement product line was introduced to Vietnamese consumers. Mama Woo provides high-quality and convenient packaged foods that cook within 10 minutes, coming in 28 different types of popular Korean cuisines such as spicy beef stew, pork soup, beef rib soup, and more. All the recipes are researched and developed by the experienced Korean chefs to ensure the most distinctive flavors, while its production process is guaranteed to meet the high standards for food quality, hygiene and safety.

Lazy Bee is BAEMIN’s latest beauty line with a mission to make users busy lives more leisurely and enrich their beauty experience anytime, anywhere. Researched and produced by local experts in South Korea, Lazy Bee’s products are extracted from natural ingredients such as green tea, turmeric, ginseng, chamomile,... With Lazy Bee’s products, users can reward themselves with moments of joyful skincare, regardless of their hectic life.